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E92 - Can you Earn cryptocurrency when shop or you pay your friends? YES...


E92 - Can you Earn cryptocurrency when shop or you pay your friends? YES! Metal Pay!

Marshall Hayner

CEO and Co-Founder, Metal

Marshall Hayner is CEO and Co-Founder of Metal, a payments processing platform that pays people cryptocurrency for making transactions on the blockchain. Marshall believes that Metal can change the way the world views money. Not only has Marshall started the first Facebook integrated bitcoin wallet called QuickCoin in 2014, but he has worked on numerous digital currency projects including Dogecoin, Stellar,, ChangeTip, and the Bitcoin Fair. Marshall is an advocate for social good and has started the Metal Foundation to promote social causes through cryptocurrency.

Metal Payand the sister app Crumbs (a platform that allows consumers to round up credit and debit card purchases to invest in a cryptocurrency portfolio), aim to bring crypto adoption to the mainstream, by incentivizing users to earn, use, store, transfer, and invest in cryptocurrencies in a fun and educational manner.

As the 10 year anniversary of the release of the Satoshi white paper approaches, it's worth noting that the crypto landscape remains confusing and at times, intimidating, to the average consumer (which I feel largely encompasses your show's audience). Functioning similarly to Venmo or Square Cash, Metal Pay adds an element of incentivisation in order to help the general public find a entry point to crypto, while earning up to 5% of the total fiat transaction back in the network’s native token, MTL. For your reference, bothMetal PayandCrumbsare currently available to download from the iOS app store in 34 states — please download and play around with the apps!

CEO and Founder Marshall Hayner

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a kid stayin with crypto the wonder dog
haven't been around in a while we've
been been traveling doing some shows we
have a show that I recorded in San
Francisco at I want to do my best
summits I want you out there digimax
which was formerly ICO Mac's
they have some great great great stuff
coming up I did a show with Chris Carr
from did you max you guys are not
friends with him yet on LinkedIn please
do that that will be coming up shortly
oh do you guys remember when PayPal came
out and it was sure what that was but
PayPal when it came out it was an
awesome way to just shoot money over and
still you know even my business as a
commercial photographer I still have
people that aren't using PayPal
sometimes it's pain in the butt because
you get in to get a sign up
but when you send somebody money there
if you're the receiver of money and
somebody sends you a hundred bucks you
don't get a hundred bucks
you're only gonna get my 97 bucks worth
of equity bucks because everyone's
trying to take your money just take that
and when you're when you're a young kid
and your parents aren't aren't
financially set they haven't gone to
school for finance they're not the
people in fact that were able to stay
clear of the 2008 couple in the finance
world it's tough for you to understand
about finance and there's not really a
lot of people out there that are willing
to give their time to to educate you on
the right way and much less another
finance company that they want your
money but I
talk today thanks to
my friend Sara in New York metal metal
pay metal pay dot-com it it is it is the
the way of the future it's cool-looking
it's easy to do it's easy to use take
seconds to sign up that's like it takes
a couple minutes sign up but it it's
just one of the most exciting apps that
I have I've ever seen there I talk today
with also they have acquired problems
which takes your your money crumbs your
coins your change and starts an
investment for you so there's a great
show today it's a little longer than
normal but it's trust me it's well worth
it watch it and check out the links
below because you're gonna want to go
and find out more about metal metal
paint it's gonna be a new word for you
guys you know it's gonna help you
financially and not only just to earn a
couple of bucks here and there from just
making payments but there's there's real
education in there there's real
information on the finance world and
then how to make yourself more
financially responsible
and I would I would think this would be
a really cool - a way to take over your
ficus mood change change change your
ficus tour into your medal score is it's
it's just a great I can't even I can't
even explain to you how great of a
product this is so without any more
fluffier let's get right and to the show
you guys ready start show all right
let's start the show
okay Marshall Marshall Haner
you are the CEO right the CEO and
founder of metal metal what the how the
heck are you man pretty good hey it's
been exciting cuz like we had our girl
Sarah that the kind of introduced us
together and and where uh where the heck
are you right now
beautiful beautiful great creative fun
city love love it out here yeah okay a
little bit how long you been in San
Cisco I moved out here from the east
coast from Massachusetts in 2011 so I've
been here boarding on eight years now
Wow eight years and you go out there
just for was has always been a thing for
you for the the crypto and the the
blockchain type stuff you know it wasn't
I moved out here in 2011 I first came to
visit ten years ago actually 11 years
ago 2007 and I fell in love with the
city I actually stumbled into Bay to
Breakers just walking down the street
and I said oh this is this is where I
want to live what's Bay to Breakers with
what is that so beta Breakers is a
marathon here in San Francisco that is
followed by a parade so it's it's like
this giant parade so I was walking down
the street down Lombard AB 2007 to go
and I hear this this roar I'm like it
sounds like there's there's thousands of
people around the corner and I turned
the corner and sure enough there is and
there's a guy in a banana suit dancing
and there's a bunch of naked people
adult themed floats and somebody hands
me a beer and I just right I know what's
going on the rest of my trip to San
Francisco was such a magical trip that I
just decided you know a lot of years ago
I need to I need to live in this place
this is a great place and uh I arrived
in 2011 and pretty quickly I had already
I was already into it's a Bitcoin
cryptocurrency wasn't really a thing if
you were yeah I was when I was when I
was living in Massachusetts in 2009 I
stumbled on it when I was just
arting and by 2011 they should progress
to the point where there were exchanges
and things were happening and I felt
really that you know this would be
something very interesting for me I just
didn't know you know what what how I can
be more involved in one of the things
that I always thought from the very
beginning when I first discovered it
when I download the original Bitcoin
cutie wallet was wow the software is
really garbage
no one's gonna use this thank God okay
this is crazy right like well yeah so
the original client I happened to
stumble on it and I happened to stumble
on it in 2009 through BitTorrent so I
was really obsessed with just
decentralized I remember BitTorrent yeah
yeah so so BitTorrent was very
interesting and I felt that well this is
this is very exciting because for the
first time were we're actually starting
to build some technology that the
Internet is starting to really change
and you know centralize downloading a
files the way we publish content all
this stuff is gonna change and so so
BitTorrent was was the thing that helped
me discover Bitcoin I was actually on a
thread it's long story but I was so
involved in in BitTorrent thought it was
so cool that I was very active in a lot
of the communities and I was moderating
a thread we're Trent Reznor showed up
from not staying out any swear to God
really I was a moderator so I was like
oh it's time to lock this thread Trent
money or something but sure enough it
was real and he wanted to release an
album through a community on that was
that use BitTorrent to distribute music
and big big thread and Susan's about how
can he monetize it how can I get out
there and sure enough a Bitcoin came up
is it as a topic hey maybe he could get
paid in Bitcoin yeah and I Bitcoin is
that like BitTorrent but with money oh
my god I'm gonna check this out and and
then I downloaded the piece of software
and was thoroughly disappointed but it
also felt like the original piece of
BitTorrent software if you ever saw that
it was really sparse like really simple
just like coal it's almost like you
didn't know what's going on you open it
up and it's like if you don't have a
tour it filed and what are you doing
very similar it took a really long time
to open uh there's no manuals on this
stuff II there's no like how to's there
was but it was you know for developers
by developers like you had to really you
have to be technical enough to
understand it so it was so far removed
from a mass-market product I mean this
thing came out two years after the
iPhone so people had at this point had
been mo like you know to say oh I'm
gonna pay you with this alternate
currency that has a fluctuating value
that there's no just nice to exchange it
the software crashes like 30% of time
that you open it and maybe like 5 and
10% of time that crash is so bad that
the wallet.dat file I would say wallet
get corrupted so all of your coins are
lost everything is gone oh my god
so I was like I think I can make
something better than this I um I think
we could maybe do a lot better than this
and so when I moved to when I moved to
California that was something that I
started kind of is like a little passion
project and then by 2012 I started
getting more and more interested and by
2013 that was that was around the time
that Bitcoin rose to $265 and kinda been
doing this dance from a few dollars got
all the way up to $30 in 2011 and I
thought you know wow if we can if we can
go about $20 this thing would would it
would change people people's perception
of it would change because there's a
there's a certain perception run you
know the $20 bill the five dollar bill
the one dollar bill so every time we
passed one of these landmarks
you know cryptocurrency got very excited
people got very excited but there still
was no usable software so by 2012 I
decided this is something I really want
to do and 2013 that was where I started
work on it when Bitcoin hit $265 I
dropped everything I was doing Wow and
it now is the time to do this I sold my
other businesses I I said okay I'm gonna
I'm gonna try this I I've never I
actually had tried to build one tech app
prior to this failed like most
entrepreneurs in their first a gap Tech
is it's hard hardware's harder uh-huh
and and I I said okay I'm gonna build
something and so by 2014 I launched my
first app started development in 2013
conceptualisation 2012 and then we
launched this ad was called quick point
was really cool
that it's called quick coin oh yeah yeah
you asked me to share some links before
the show this is one if you google it
you go to Google Images you'll see okay
alright and it was yeah if you google it
and go to Google News to see stuff
there's a lot of there's a lot of news
about it next web and a bunch of
different articles and the idea was you
click one button and you're in a Bitcoin
wallet so you click one button and ask
for your feet it asks for your facebook
a lot and once you click that it creates
your public in your private keys
everything you get five dollars from my
early bitcoins and and then send it over
wall post send it over facebook
messenger and it blew up because it was
so easy for people to use and people
like oh I've heard about Bitcoin it's
2014 2013 2014 now we can now we can
actually try it so people were using it
they had never used it before when my
grandmother sent me a message and said
Oh marshal I just sent some Bitcoin to
my tennis friend and your sister using
your new app I thought oh good this is
good Wow right now we're making progress
so I've been you know from the very
beginning with cryptocurrency my focus
has been software adoption usable
software let's build something let's
show people how amazing this technology
is because when I first discovered
iJustine I didn't get it at all the
first couple of weeks I really struggled
to understand how it works so where does
it fly me to the bank I don't see
anywhere that this connects to a bank
how does that work right you know 2009
there was with an original conversation
was starting in on p2p
there was no um there was no there was
no place to exchange this stuff so there
was no mount gotcha
there was no bitstamp there was no coin
base there was nothing so eventually
Bitcoin talked or informed and people
were exchanging goods and services for
Bitcoin um but you know you could
exchange for prepaid Visa cards alpaca
socks you buy 80 million dollars of
stocks which was actually probably more
in the hundreds of millions arranged now
I believe um and so yeah you could you
could do these things but it was really
for for geeky guys like myself that just
want to play with the tech and you know
we just want to get out oh wow money
could exist in some decentralized format
over the internet and then by 2013 I
think that was one of the first big
cryptocurrency conferences 2013 San Jose
Bitcoin conference there
ever thinking I've been going to thick
coin meetups that button would Bitcoin
mean up all these different things and
they're just it's just enthusiasts but
now now I'm seeing real like real
corporate interest venture capital
interest wow this is very cool
so by 2014 we launched that app and that
that really took off that was very
exciting um I quickly I left that
company uh and I joined stellar and I
was working on stellar with the original
funding team we launched yeah it was it
was a really exciting time really great
experience stellar is just such an
amazing team it's grown so much I joined
when it was was I think it was around
ten people or so we were just starting
and it was originally we were it was
called secret Bitcoin project the name
wasn't released yet secret Bitcoin
project calm and anything you know Jed's
got a new project very cool um the the
stellar network network launched in late
2014 and we had a wallet it's called the
stellar wallet is a reference client
piece of software is very similar to
quick coin you sign up with your
Facebook hola and you get a little bit
of stellar so this time I left you know
Jenna the team asked me you know how
would you like to come to stellar and
join us and let's change the world how
could I say no
right yeah so this wallet was built and
it was there is very similar to the
quick coin wallet except for this time
was more gamified it gave away stellar
lumens which were called Stroup's
at the time it was STRs of xlm thicker
changed and yeah that was a really cool
experience that the app got over a
million users in a week really really
last was a great experience
and that that I think those that that
2014 was really the year that I I really
started to just buckle down on all this
stuff and double down in every possible
way financially time energy creativity
every bit of energy I have from that
moment on even till now I mean I'm
working at metal you know 8 a.m. to like
midnight every night yeah I breathe this
stuff this is what I love to do it's my
passion and so
that was a really great experience and I
left stellar and I dabbled I consulted
and worked by a bunch of different
companies and consulted and then and
then I started metal I actually started
started it as a different app and it
evolved over time
2015 was an interesting time right after
2014 we saw this big rise it's kind of
similar to now 2015 is our 2018 today
yeah yeah
2015 we saw this big rock 2014 we saw
this big rise of cryptocurrency actually
end of 2013 all the way up to over a
thousand dollars and then steady falling
all for 2014 steady falling all of 2015
yeah all the way like 165 bucks and I
would go to conferences and people like
marshal how are you doing and like good
how are you in there like you know what
I learned from the past from 2011 was
that this just these are like these are
cycles right and whether it's going up
or whether it's going down doesn't
change the fact that this technology is
permissionless money that it can move
anywhere instantly in the world that
money could exist in your mind that is
that's mind blow right yeah money into
your mind uh-huh and you just walk
wherever you want and you have all the
money and billion dollars in your brain
right I don't suggest doing that but if
that concept was so interesting for me
and and what it could open I remember
2013 when I decided this is what I'm
going to that you know 2012 is dabbling
time 2013 was you know commitment time
2014 was okay really seriously drop all
the other commitments and I remember I
couldn't sleep all night I just paced up
and down my stairs what's what's he
gonna do how am I gonna be involved what
can I do to to further this technology I
just want to put my name on the cement
and and and help this whole thing along
because I was so excited but that
original piece of software was so crappy
it was very inspiring for me and seeing
hit all the way to 265 and saying wow
it's five years later and we still don't
have great software it's still pretty
pretty crappy I wouldn't you know if you
don't even now when you try to tell
people hey let me get you set up with a
Bitcoin wallet good luck it's right it I
actually did a show on that I had a and
you know I had a couple of NFL players
I took and we set up a laptop within and
we showed him how to go and buy a
Bitcoin because when I did it it took me
three days to figure it out and you know
there was that whole thing where you
send in your picture you gotta wait and
we actually got them in you know in a
Bitcoin wallet and it was able to bought
their first piece of Bitcoin in about an
wow that's pretty good that's pretty
good I mean you know and when you
consider that people that in today's day
and age like when you look at Amazon and
different things like that when you
consider those things it's just crazy
that anything could take an hour I mean
we're used to one-click shopping
one-click buy yes you know two minutes
tops if I can't get my item off Amazon
another two minutes I'm gone seriously
yeah no wonder people aren't flocking to
to get into this right now right yeah
yeah it's people are coming around it's
like it's it's during the you know the
full phase it's running up yeah they
have nothing good to say right and it's
all bad it's all I lost all my money my
children are gonna starve and yeah
alright yeah I think it's really we have
to stop focusing on price and fortune at
something the media loves to talk about
what what we should focus on is that
money in the mine concept money could
exist in your mind
yeah let's start to just think about
where does money come from in the first
place that's that is the mission of
metal is to change the way we view money
because okay I do strongly believe that
uh that you know if you want to get
muscles you want to get strong how are
you gonna do that you got to go to the
gym kind of workout right if you want to
get smarter you gotta read books right
you have to put in the work if you want
to learn how to do something right yeah
so if you want to learn about money you
have to question where does it come from
how does it work um let's let's let's
conduct economic experience never a
better time than not right now with
blockchain technology right or let's
watch on their economic experiments
unfold some of the smartest thinkers in
economics PhDs and
and scientists lectures you know have
said all different kinds of assumptions
about cryptocurrency that have been
wrong a lot of them that have been right
but a lot that have been wrong um and I
think that that's what's so interesting
about it not that not that they don't
know what they're talking about not that
they're not smart it's just that we
haven't had a playground to experiment
no with financial instruments that's
never existed I mean it has existed
actually in the 1933 but that was by the
banks very different now it's very
interesting it's there was you know in
if you go all the way back to the
history of money there was a time when
people just kind of work for the king
right and you get some food and you're
allowed to live and then the merchants
gather and they had the merchants market
right and the merchants are you know
bartering you know from their goods you
know I'll give you some gold for some
spices or a donkey or whatever okay
let's get a coin
we had a coin then we don't have to like
I don't want a donkey right or I don't
want spices right donkey died on the way
back to my house oh there you are your
your audio cut out for a second there
yeah your back okay let's see here same
thing get this thing to come back um so
so yeah lysis or whatever right um so so
I should be able to just trade for uh
you know a coin or something like that
right and and that took off and then
eventually that coin became available to
the public and that was the you know the
first fiat currency right the beginnings
of fiat currency and now I think what's
really interesting is that whole process
is happening again sort of the merchant
based currency we're seeing the common
currency where anybody can create a
currency where any currency could pop up
at any time
and that is very interesting because all
kinds of economic experiments are taking
place dogecoin is one really interesting
example amazing oh yeah amazing amazing
started as a joke yeah this is one time
that my co-founder are in our CTO at
metal started as a joke
there was a flaw in the code where it
act it accidentally kept minting
currency forever so there's no hard
on dogecoin we're putting it together
they realized oh well it's a joke
whatever whatever yeah and it works it
works so you know there's all kinds of
different really interesting things
happening here and and we're watching
all this unfold now and so so with metal
you know the question the the the vision
that we have is for people the question
what money is how it works where it
comes from and we want you to play with
all these different new currencies there
well how can you how can you get into
this if you're asked to buy these
speculative things software is not very
good you need to have an interface of
front-end we need to do something we
already know so if I pay you if I pay
you Dean a hundred dollars and you pop a
little bit of metal or a little bit of
dogecoin or stellar or our Tron or iOS
or something like that and then you get
to play with it like let's say you pop
some basic attention token and then we
say what is basic intention token it's
for web 3.0 now you can you can access
micro content you can get paid as a
Content producer like for the show
people could can pay you and micro
content yeah but I'm maybe not gonna
necessarily buy this thing up front
first I want to try so I feel my tank
with the gas so to speak to browse for
the micro content and I do that by just
paying people and popping a little bit I
get to try it before I buy it and then I
say okay you know what yeah fill up my
browser with 20 Philip brave browser
with 20 bucks with metal right let's buy
it let's try it this is great but people
are used to free-to-play I want to come
to you to Krypton the wonderdog on
YouTube and just watch your show and if
I like it and I'll you know then all
I'll start to pay um that's how
everything works I think on the web and
and that is where the future of all this
is going we want people to try these
things play with them ask how they work
where they come from and get involved in
the stories because as we all know once
we get involved in crypto currents we
start playing we a lot of people get
obsessed and they want to go deeper and
they want to go deeper and they want to
go deeper because it's so interesting
yeah um so I want to share that
experience with everyone without all the
pain yeah right yeah well that's great
man um and let's cruise over to the
website er do you have it up up there
yeah sure oh yes yeah yeah Alex I'm
gonna bring it up on my
and here sure yeah pull it up so people
are watching it on my end over here yeah
so this is our site so I guess
to explain us a nutshell we're a
payments company we we integrate
blockchain technology we're not a
cryptocurrency company
we're a payments company but we do have
a cryptocurrency as well um and that
exists independent decentralized as as
most crypto currencies do from us our
distribution mechanism different than
Bitcoin or aetherium or some of the
other proof of work based coins is
called proof of processed payments and
the idea is that we can now earn
cryptocurrency for simply just
participating yeah so that was the
original idea behind Bitcoin was that we
could all mine a little bit of Bitcoin
um but very quickly that was obvious to
me that if this thing took on any value
the hardware companies that make them
liners why would they sell those to
consumers or businesses or anyone you
make them you plug them in and it's done
and so as we've seen with most of the
mining companies they don't really sell
chips so much anymore it's really about
being a transaction payment processing
facility or a payment processing company
they yeah really the transactions and
they get the mining the block rewards
remaining so for this this is very cool
because this makes it tangible for
people to to try right and to be able
for mine it's 2009 all over again
and this time you can do it mobile first
from your phone in a friend fun and
friendly way way that makes sense with
beautiful software something that you
would want to use it worked great it's
very attractive yeah thank you yeah and
we really put design at the forefront in
the center of what we're doing because
we recognize how important that is the
user experience you know when you have
an an Apple computer or an iPhone in
your hand how good does that feel yeah
that feels great
oh yeah and we want people to have that
that really sticky I want to lick the
buttons off the screen experience and we
want them to
with money so how cool is it to you know
pay your rent and get 10 or 20 bucks on
top that's that feels great
oh Christ I'm gonna do that all day and
and all these currencies are it's like
reading a book it's like reading a novel
each one is a different team and I want
to root for all these I have different
teams I want to root for I want to
follow them and learn about what they're
doing and become a part of the community
that is that is very very cool and that
is the story that we want to share with
our users is that this technology is
going to change the world you're here
early you get to play with it you get to
try it and do something you already know
to earn it just make peanuts that's
proof of process payment and that's
really cool yeah yeah yeah so and so
this will be kind of like a a thing
where kids start sharing this with each
other and the community starts growing I
kind of like like like Facebook
basically Ryan where you just do more
and more people it just starts building
a snowball effect that's right you know
and I was lucky to be one of the first
people early on Facebook I went to
school at Northeastern in Boston
Massachusetts and when Facebook launched
in 2002 there there basically it was it
was really interesting you had it was
called the Facebook you had to have a
campus email address so you had to have
a Harvard at Harvard et you at
right and you died at Northeastern ddu
at Boston College
edu Boston University you had to be one
of these like ten schools yeah in the
Boston area and so I got in I was one of
the very early people on Facebook oh wow
I could poke people other stuff going on
here and now it's cool yeah it was the
social validation right what are you
doing on Friday night hey there's a
party over here right for students yeah
really great very fun so that was a you
know I wish I knew how big that was
going to be as Mark wasn't too far yeah
but but what I saw was something growing
very quickly and I was one of the early
people I really loved it and and that
that was one of those early thing you
know I always loved technology but that
I contributed at - one of the things
that got me very excited about
technology early on as well and and that
is that the net
the fact is so powerful right look at
venmo look at Facebook and that's what
we're going for here we want to say who
doesn't want some extra money in their
pocket right that's the first that's the
first proposition and so yes everyone
looks right
everybody loves money that sounds great
um but then the next question is after
you get it after you pop it is oh wow
that was real hi pop twenty bucks and I
spent it um okay I have a question where
does it come from how does it work right
and we want you to add we want you to
ask those questions that's the next
logical progression to say how does it
come from and where do you know where
does it come from and how does it work
and we explain that in the app when you
swipe right inside the app you discover
this thing called the discover section
and that's where we showcase information
about other cryptocurrencies information
about the latest financial technology
and that's where we tell the store where
you get to discover what it is how it
works where it comes from and that is
incredibly interesting and like we were
talking about earlier this is how you
build those financial muscles let's
learn about money in the next question I
want people to ask is where does fiat
currency come from who prints the US
dollar who prints the euro how does that
work how do we decide how much the print
or how much to destroy I want to
understand quantitative easing and I
want to understand how all these things
work when I first discovered Bitcoin I
didn't know I didn't ask any of these
questions I realized over time we didn't
know you needed to ask them maybe deep
down we knew that it might be he's
questioned but we're busy we got lies it
just didn't get our attention like it
shut up but now I want to revisit that
conversation for the world for everyone
to say slow down a second here this
thing that is such an integral part of
our lives money right yeah we know how
that works we really should know how
that works we should not just take it
for granted just pretend oh you know it
works cuz it works right yeah there's a
lot of parts of the world you know when
you go to Argentina or Zimbabwe or
different parts the world with the
currency is you know really failing
unfortunately and and there it's in
those countries where people really
questioned wait a second how does this
work it's really not working out very
welcome yeah all right so those other
parts of the world where people are
where it's
you know where it's developing and it
people are asking those questions but in
the in in other parts of the world where
it's not where the like where you know
the currency is is stronger um we don't
ask the answer ask those questions
because we feel maybe we don't have to
or it's working good enough for not
right yeah so um that's the really
interesting thing and I think that when
we start to ask those questions and we
start to see money loop move like email
right like I can really send some money
and stable coins I believe are going to
do that that's very exciting asset back
to crypto currencies are going to do
that they're also a volatile crypto
currencies will do that access tokens
utility tokens they're all going to have
a different purpose um but I think that
it really will change the internet it
will change the world I think that I
think that this technology I do believe
that this technology is gonna change the
world I do it has I think I'm you know
I'm and I'm thinking that that's already
changing the world for the people who
are kind of with it I mean the people
that that have any kind of websites I
mean just just watching TV and watching
what's going on in the news and a few
any kind of financial news they've
they've been sprinkling it in here and
there and it is it's absolutely changing
the world right now and people are
fighting it and I think that people are
starting to give in I felt like like
Goldman Sachs and and some of these
bigger financial houses that are that
are seeing the way and they're they're
hiring these kids you know kind of like
yourself like straight out of you know
he's twenty thirty year old kids that
are coming in as their as their advisors
for these big you know these big
financial firms you know yeah I think
fighting it is sort of like you know
fighting the internet right yeah it's
it's yeah email that's who would use
email what are you crazy
you know sponsored by the US Postal
Service didn't what happened to after
email right how did the world change
after you know that it's it changed
dramatically we business started
happening faster connections were
made quicker and I think that that's
gonna happen with money I think that uh
there was no communication absolutely
you know right more communication more
Commerce more Commerce will I believe be
you know there's a lot of talk about web
three I think it's a buzzword right but
I also do you think that's right it gets
me very excited when I think about it
because I think about economic
experiments economies of scale micro
economies economy is existing around
decentralized applications or adapts and
even private companies I think this is
very interesting to me and this is I do
believe that this will be a big part of
the future of the internet will be those
accessed openings and and that's that's
I think where we're going I think web 3
is about the Internet of Valley right
let me ask you something is web 3.0
already here because I hear that you
know some people say Oh web 3.0 is
already here blockchain is is web 4.0
what but I would say I would say no I
would say yes or no I would say no web
3.0 is already here in the sense that
meta mask is here Madame masque is here
and we met a mask I guess would kind of
be like meta mask coin based wallet and
and and what's soon metal is going to be
capable to do on mobile Mobile meta mask
meta mask is kind of like the desktop
client version of it but a few you used
meta mask you can kind of see them are
you this is the beginning yeah this is
the beginning of where the browser
integrates with with the cryptocurrency
aspect brave browser also so we're
seeing the very very early beginnings I
guess you could equate that to sort of
like prodigy and MSN the beginning of
the Internet right you remember like
prodigy before AOL right original
dial-up you know service it was all
encapsulated into one app right
I remember dialing up the prodigy on
ms-dos right there was no an ms-dos yeah
there was one yeah Wow
so there was no there's no cursor mouse
cursor actually it would come on once
you at start the ms-dos application you
have to type it it right but once it
comes on and then you would dial up you
know 9600 baud modem or oh my god
anything before
that there were BBS bulletin board
systems right over that yeah I never got
into one but have I heard about that I
didn't know it was yeah but that's where
we're at
that's where we're at in terms of web 3
web 3 uh there's a great there's a great
great quote from a Brian Armstrong the
CEO of coinbase he's talking about web 1
web 2 when web 3 you know let me see if
I can find I'll pull it up and I'll just
read it on the show cuz I think it's
it's a it's a great yeah it's it's
really interesting to me because so web
web 1 is the web one is that the the
first version of the web 1.0 is about
you know publishing right web 2 is about
interaction so here's this quote from
Brian I think it's a great one web 1.0
was about publishing anyone can write
and have global distribution web 2.0 is
about interaction connect with others
collaborate in real time data what's
that that's Facebook right social
networks web 3.0 is about value transfer
money can now be programmed embedded in
any app that is very cool to me and
that's that I think there's a lot of
truth behind you know that what he's
saying there about this is in you know a
very bold statement and I think that
that I haven't heard of web for yeah I'm
not sure with that okay some people just
started yeah I'm sure it's coming you
know honestly I think web 4.0 it's hard
to take a guess I would say it has to do
with augmented reality mixed reality
virtual reality okay I think that's
that's probably what web 4.0 is about
alright um it's about it's about merging
about into the screen right that's what
I was you know because I grew up in the
80s so there was all that like I'm gonna
dive into the computer right yeah yeah
movie like hackers or the movie hackers
yes flying around on the screen that's
not really out work though or maybe it's
maybe it's I'm on Google Maps and I'm
walking into a bathroom in a restaurant
that's or or you know like a weird
science where you can creat your own
girlfriend right yeah they're just yeah
right she was really print around yeah
yeah yeah that's I think that's that's
really interesting that's I think that
web 3.0 is here but it's just not it's
not here here it's not like here like
like like mobile phones were here in
1997 yeah
Zach Morris or 19 it took 10 years right
so like III remember I was in high
school I got my first mobile phone it
was pretty clunky I'll remember the
nokia remember that that dinosaur Nokia
that yes throw in the ground and break
into a million pieces and put it back
together is perfectly fine yeah some of
the first cell phones right the StarTAC
yeah remember that and and then 10 years
later that so people say oh so mobile
phones have arrived
I think the StarTAC was kind of like the
beginning of like and the Nokia were
like oh it's pretty small I could fit my
pocket it's almost yeah yeah yeah once
you could pay in your pocket when it was
a car phone when was Akbar's phone yeah
yeah web bones are here right but then
it took about ten years over 10 years
and then by 2007 iPhone Android then
we're starting to see some really when
the phone became like you could you
touch the screen and do stuff yeah you
know that's the biggest fighting yeah
Eames and that was the more exciting
yeah so that's kind of the beginning of
it I think and and that's where we're at
with cryptocurrency that's where we're
at blockchain it's like we're at the
Zack Morris phone level right probably
gonna take might take another I think
it's gonna move a lot faster this time
that may probably won't take ten years I
think it probably take more like five
I think there's I know I know sorry no
there was over 15 billion dollars
invested into cryptocurrency over the
past year 99% will fail like all
startups do I'm reading that on on
cheddar and we're just watching that on
cheddar yesterday of the day before
which is a great channel from one ever
has cheddar but I have a Roku TV and I
that channel comes with it and they're
talking about these all these high cos
it that never see the light of day you
know then right yeah they don't raise a
dime right right a lot a lot that don't
raise a dime and and a lot that raise a
lot of Dimes and don't to release your
yeah just disappears right and so you
know we did things very different metal
we raised you know in equity and a
private offering raised up
a small amount in comparison to a lot of
these other projects because I felt you
know if we can execute we can perform
then the rest comes naturally you
shouldn't raise way more than you need
because then your expectations are just
off the charts are unrealistic yeah and
so we we raised a much smaller amount
last year than most of other
cryptocurrency projects that we're
entering the space we're a finance
company so we're not we aren't tied to
that so I do view us is very different
okay and we executed I think we executed
beautifully and that is that is
something that you know we are gonna see
and even there's a lot of other
companies that I believe have executed
as well it doesn't necessarily mean it's
the hallmark of success but I think that
the companies that are executing now are
the ones that are gonna make it into the
next round okay and the ones that can
achieve users and growth and and and
their functions of their apps actually
are sticky with the public in the mass
market those are going to be the less
than 1% that make web through yeah yeah
real quick what now if someone had never
heard of metal and they know nothing
about it what it you know give give us
your your elevator pitch of what you
would tell people wouldn't you know when
you say I have created this think hole
and that'll pay what yeah so well you
know what I like to do my favorite thing
to do and I would show you but my
technical difficulties there my phone is
frozen so we'll just leave it in the
other room but yeah so what I would say
to someone is let me let me just try
let's just try it okay so so instead of
talking because a lot of people when
they when they pitch cryptocurrency it's
like a few hours what are you doing next
week it's just like venmo
they're gonna get the hundred dollars
right and then when within ten minutes
they're going to pop they're going to
what we call pop that stands for proof
of process payment once that payment is
processed because I keep a bunch of
money in my account so it's already
processed in on the metal on our side I
send them a payments they claim that
payment just like they would in venmo
they pop and they get a few bucks and
they get you know $1 $2 $3
four dollars five dollars and and that's
a very interesting experience and then I
say okay now try it out you know send
send someone some metal uh pay me pay
meets the metal send some metal on send
another payment on try it out
check out the Discover section and
that's a really interesting moment for
people when they have that pop
experience it's like whoa I got 105 I
think there was I think there's a bug in
your ad no no that's right
really okay because you know that's like
like like the opposite of like PayPal
when you yes anyway where you said 100
you get 97 yes Wow what what freaking
concept that is well and so instead of
get paying fees you got paid right that
is part of the dream of cryptocurrency I
think what's so exciting so I would
metal you I'd send you 100 bucks you'd
pop and get a few bucks and and now
you're cryptocurrency journey you
started now you start paying a bunch of
other people and you're not only popping
metal but you're popping other
cryptocurrencies as well you're learning
about them you're reading about them and
you're getting to put them into action
so future versions of the metal pay app
are going to be similar to kind of like
meta mask or coin based wallet for
mobile they're going to integrate these
dabs directly not just in web view but
natively in Swift and Kotlin for Android
so that's that's really cool for us
because that's gonna start to create
that really sticky very beautiful
experience because we're at that one
point know that prodigy MSN Zack Morris
phone that ugly gross no way am I ever
gonna use that experience but once we
get to the the value the value prop like
oh I just popped this app that Marshall
builds is pretty cool right like I want
to play with it right and then we start
and then you get to that point where you
go you know what
give me some medal I'm gonna buy a
hundred dollars of metal I love what it
does unlocks all these features in the
app it builds my pops for my identity on
the chain oh I just pop this thing
called basic attention token what does
that do you know I can access micro
content or I pop 0x ooh this is very
interesting now I'm part of this
decentralized exchange and I can I can
quickly exchange the currencies you know
real-time that's that's very interesting
we want people to play with this stuff
we want them to actually try and right
now we're at that speculative stage
where people that are buying
cryptocurrency usually never leaves
coinbase or usually never leaves the
exchange just because it's a
speculative investment but when it
becomes actual utility in your
day-to-day life that's where it gets
that's where it gets really interesting
we believe ya know um I went to I went
on this morning and I downloaded the app
and maybe this is me just not knowing
what the hell I'm doing good sit that's
that's me anyway
when I put in I have a different address
than what's on my license and so when it
went to verify me it said verification
failed gotcha
what if something like that happens what
I did I made sure I put in everything
correctly so it's asking me let's verify
your identity so it says you know here
it's it's asking me to to place my where
it was my camera place my my ID in this
little box here and so I've done that
and is that is that my issue right there
is that my license address is different
than my physical address yeah I would
just try entering the address that's on
your license okay when you sign up
because it's pulling that information
from your license but this is something
we're fine-tuning so that's something
like a fuzzy logic so we're fine-tuning
that that actually checks your identity
to make sure the Dean Kirkland is the
real Dean Kirkland okay yeah we can only
have one on the system in order to issue
pop the ideas that we need several
components in place one we need your
identity we need an anchor because
otherwise you can just keep signing up
over and over and over making million
accounts send the money back and forth
and just pop endlessly right oh I got it
okay yes presumably you only have one
identity presumably yeah right yeah so
unless you're James Bond or you've got a
briefcase full of identities most people
only have one identity right got it
so once that identity is verified we've
created what we call the anchor the
anchor basically says that Dean Kirkland
is the Kirkland and there's only one
right and so once we verified your
information not only have we anchored
you but we've also we've also fulfilled
a lot of the know your customer and anti
money laundering regulations at least
for the US and also for different
countries like Europe a lot of the
regulations are the same okay
it varies by country to country but um
u.s. is probably one of the stricter is
one of the strip
your countries but we need to we need to
fulfill those obligations by last week
we killed two birds with one stone we
fulfill those obligations and then that
also helps us on our end with combating
crime and also in money laundering and
that kind of thing but it also anchors
you down so it creates that identity and
then we link your bank account and you
could have more than one bank account
but you choose you choose the bank
account you want to use okay and when
you start making payments that's your
funding source that's where we basically
can say okay we can start to issue pot
because we know there's one Dean
Kirkland and we start to we start to
create a history of payments and if
those payments are good and they're
consistent they're made for example like
a mortgage payment or a rent payment or
just a you know a peer-to-peer payment
that you make every month for like like
I paid my my house cleaner or something
like that or somebody to mow the lawn or
whatever that's really cool because that
once that starts to fall into place we
start to identify behavior right now if
we start sending it back and forth we're
trying to cheat the system right what's
gonna happen
we should we're gonna lose the yeah
we're gonna lose the ability to earn pop
right um but if we make good payments
we're showing goodwill we're showing
good intentions and we're starting to
build something much more valuable than
a credit score we're starting to build a
cognitive behavioural scoring system
that not only tells us about you know
our payments history but our behavior
when I earn a reward do I scrape it all
off the table or do I pay some people
with it um do other people or do I
interact with do they also have high pop
scores what we call this the pop score
so we determine how much to mint per
person per transaction based on your
pops cool Wow on your pop score is sort
of like your like financial report card
right are you saving your money are you
following the tips inside the app are
you not trying to game it but trying to
grow it and follow the tips some of the
tips are increase your savings balance
you know save more every month get the
cash balance to go up a little bit right
that's not really good for you but
that's good for the bank that's good for
Mel that's that's win-win all around for
all of us right yeah and also you know
get your cryptocurrency balance they go
up raise your cryptocurrency balance and
use the DAPs
read the discover section read this
stuff and your score will keep going up
right you're flexing the muscles right
and if your
just like a personal fitness tracker
Abuk you know if you're working out or
not so we know if you're flexing your
financial muscles and if you are we're
gonna raise your pops for it we raise
your pops for you're gonna earn more
cryptocurrency and more rewards on when
you make payments and that's very cool
so we're creating this positive cycle of
learning about finance growing our
finances if we can do these things we
can really we can change I really do
believe that that this can change lives
they can it's the beginning it's my
little part of cryptocurrency changing
the world is this piece yeah right and
that's that's what I'm really excited
about and I think that it really is time
for people to start to consider these
things because you know I don't think
that the school system really teaches
about finance like you know they don't
it's it's a verbal game yeah I noticed
this whenever I was cruising around the
colleges here in Southern California in
the first day of school there was all
these credit-card companies out there
and just signing kids up left and right
and they're destroying their credit
right off the bat just destroying your
credit right off the bat well you know I
don't know how to be how to manage that
there's different kinds of financial
services right there's predatory and
then there's the much more rare which is
kind of like the you know there's and
there's like the middle of the line just
offer like the basics there's not
predatory but just whatever and then
there's then there's very interesting
stuff like metal we're you know we're
we're we're learning about money we're
we're we're getting educated and we're
making good financial decisions
decisions there's a lot of new savings
apps and a lot of one of the trends that
I'm seeing is education around finance
and becoming very big and I think that's
it's just so important you know if you
think it is very important you think
about the generations evil any old
well not molinos the the for Millennials
Generation Z the the generation that's
just getting out of the workforce right
now when did they grow up they were
growing up they were a coming of age
2008 financial crisis I mean yo right
financial crisis I got the college this
guy signed me up for a credit card
destroyed my credit all I know from F
eyes is just getting burned yeah I want
you know crypto current
right it makes sense and so you're
seeing the youngest generation moving
towards cryptocurrency and newer
technologies because it's just a
completely different beast a different
animal it's very exciting it's it's
educational it's fun whereas the old the
old way is a lot of times unfortunately
predatory right yeah it is when this
starts to change this is this is gonna
be a big moment I think and I think a
lot a big part of it does start with the
younger generation adopting the new
technologies and I think that's a that's
metal yeah and you know they're they're
not really you know a lot of these kids
they don't have money and they didn't
they didn't come from money there's no a
lot of a lot less old money happening
and you know they're they're just broke
right away so and no one's knowing their
parents are scraping by so they're not
they're not very well educated on
finance and so it's wonderful to have
something like this that they can they
can apply to their whole life and get
their parents involve to teach them yeah
exactly I mean I think that it's you
know the message behind metal pay is
that no matter what stage you're at if
you only have twenty dollars in your
account balance right you're still gonna
pop you're still gonna pop and it's
gonna be great and and and the idea is
that no matter where you're at we're
meeting you where you are and you don't
have to have a huge balance you can have
a low balance you can have a big balance
but you're going to pop and we're going
to give you reasonable goals to try and
hit and and as you hit those goals we're
going to reward you more teach you more
show you more and keep expanding that
knowledge and have this really fun
experience of kind of finances the game
we've never treated finance like a game
most people when they open up their bank
balance what do they do they most people
green open up their bank balance they go
do you think you know how often do you
think someone between the ages of 18 to
21 opens their bank balance goes yes yes
awesome oh my god right not many after
dad pays you your allowance yeah so we
want people to have that experience even
if you've only got twenty dollars you
did you're down to your last twenty
dollars but you pop and you're good and
you pop you put in popping all month
you've got twenty dollars in cash and
you got twenty dollars in metal
next yes so cool even though they've got
very little money at all yeah I'm
winning I'm getting cryptocurrency it
was a lot more than I had before and man
I'm starting to understand how this
money thing works like where it comes
from who prints it cryptocurrency very
cool I want to get more involved I I've
said this I've been quoted a few times
on this but I said I've said the the
youngest generation has the biggest
financial opportunity index oh yeah
century absolutely man it's it's huge
right now for kids that they and a lot
of them don't even see it they just
aren't I think a lot of them aren't just
taking advantage of what they could
possibly be doing and if they're they're
learning about this and learning about
the technology behind it they could set
them they'll set themselves up for a
very comfortable future they just they
just got to understand that it's very
important they start learning about this
right now that's right and I I've
lectured at a couple different
universities I speak a lot and one of my
recurring themes is don't worry guys
don't worry about by you know hoarding
buying all this stuff you know what is
the most valuable thing of all is the
knowledge the knowledge will carry you
will take you play with this stuff play
with it and learn it because Bitcoin may
not be the biggest coin forever
aetherium may not be the biggest point
forever it thinks I'm chained but what
will stay and what will stay and what
will persist is this technology become
acquainted with it learn about it get
excited about it and it will be a very
positive lasting reward in your life if
you if you if you start with this stuff
now can you start to play with it now
yeah hey are you uh no no do you have a
whole team of financial advisors that
are doing the education part of this is
uh you know how this how's that working
right so we're a small company NSF we're
actually over 20 people so we're not so
small but the idea is that we're not
giving financial advice it's it's gonna
be more general it's it's not like
financial advice like what stocks to buy
and whatever like yeah no just education
on finances so yes general education
finance and so we're sourcing content
from from all over because we recognize
that if we just have like one person
in-house it's not gonna be it's gonna be
kind of to narrow the focus so we're
just looking
content all over so we just launched a
few weeks ago and we're about to start
really pushing a lot of new content into
discover sections but really it's gonna
be sourced from all over the web we're
just looking for the best writers the
best thinkers and it could even be a
piece of content written from fifty a
hundred years ago right it could it
could be from any time but the idea is
that we're trying to expose people to to
two great minds to thinkers in finance
and and financial technology and so we
do have in-house content people we have
several but we are and we're expanding
that but we also really look to the
outside because I think that you know
the the greater breadth of all the
financial information that's out there
there's and there's a lot of new stuff
coming out every day
we just try to highlight that as much as
possible so whether it's an older an
older piece of material or something
that just came out a new blog content
we're gonna put it in there if we think
it's valuable okay well that's awesome
man like a crypto the crypto the
wonderdogs show you know that could be
in there as a beat I think it could be I
I do too I you know I may be a little
biased but I think it should be part of
your part of your rotation what else was
I gonna
I hate it when I have these great
thoughts in my head and they just they
pop out that happens with age though you
know y'all I know how it is I usually uh
you know Richard Branson says you got to
write it down write everything down I
should I shouldn't every can paper here
writing Mike Witts like they always
popped my head is follow uh okay so what
other I know you've you've been involved
with a lot of little companies and not
little but you've been involved with a
lot of companies and I'm sure this is
not going to be the the end of your your
journey for free creating me a young kid
so what other there whatever kid but
whatever new things are you got working
on that you can share so so yeah we
acquired a company in May we have
another we have another app that's also
in the in the Play Store and the App
Store it's called crumbs see are you and
BS like cookie crumbs okay and it's
really cool you should check this one
out - I've seen that yeah crow yeah yeah
this was this was a really cool start
this is a really cool
a company that we acquired discovered
them December of last year it's kind of
a porn right yeah yeah that's right
founded by Patrick Moravsky and
Carsonville Owen I first made a personal
investment into these guys in the
company and it just grew and it grew and
then we we made an acquisition offer and
they joined the team the the vision
behind crumbs is that it's it basically
is very similar to acorn so metal pay is
kind of like venmo we're replicating
something that people already know at
peer-to-peer payments crumbs is like
acorns right and so acorns if you're not
familiar owns up your spare change and
it buys it buy stocks so every day you
could buy a little bit of Facebook a
little bit of Apple that's very cool
because you're kind of like your your
your investment piggy bank you're buying
all these stocks now which
cryptocurrencies this allows you to
round up your spare change and by
different cryptocurrencies or baskets of
crypto currencies you can even customize
like say you want you know I'll take 25%
metal 25% Ripple 25% Bitcoin 25%
aetherium you can do it that's the
foundation for quick foundation and you
can get it so that's really cool so it's
that's rounding up all your purchases
buying a little bat little micro
investment sorted micro purchases or
cryptocurrency and that's really
interesting because that that allows you
to kind of dabble and play it also does
what coinbase does where you can buy and
sell real time up to 15 different
cryptocurrency so all the hot new crypto
currencies you can buy real time and
that's you can also do weekly and
monthly recurring buy so you can also
have it say you know give me $20 a
Bitcoin every week just every week I'm
gonna put $20 in my beautiful automated
for you and it's gonna start to automate
a lot of these trading functionalities
so like when you're up and you've got
profits hey by the way you're up in you
have profits are you do you want a Hodel
right now or do you want a soda right do
you wanna which one do you want to do
and to make it up make it very easy very
automated because you know we do have
jobs we the exchange 24/7 trade I mean
some some people that's that is their
job right now yes that's cool but for
most people we we don't we can't sit
there so we see that hey did you see
Bitcoin go up yeah I did my sell came
all the way back down yeah we missed the
OP right
so that's that's what that's what crumbs
does it's your trading app that allows
you to buy and sell is that live that's
live yeah okay that's our live so metal
pays live in the App Store crumbs is
live in the App Store in the Google Play
Store is there a website for that by
yeah it's crumbs app comc are you MBS a
PP com
I can pull it up I'll pull it up right
here let's see here okay I'm gonna I'm
gonna pull it up over here so that we
can we can view it here beautiful okay
during your spare change into Chrome
currency very cool that's right it also
it also allows you to buy and sell which
i think is really cool and some of the
next few but you can buy a sell
cryptocurrency in here yeah yeah over 15
currencies it's it's actually I believe
for the US it's the only mobile
experience that allows you to buy and
sell this many crypto currencies with
the USD pair in the United States really
because you know the I mean I mean
that's that's awesome because I thought
that like coinbase was one of only ones
that you could just use a and just jump
right in but how long does it take to to
get verified with this um seconds
seconds okay yeah just I mean it may be
maybe like 30 seconds but yeah I mean
you know um try it sign up it's it's
very easy to get into once you're in is
it only an app is it only on the App
Store I mean I mean is it only way you
can use this on your phone or some
desktop yeah we don't have the desktop
version yet what we're doing is we're
building a platform so we're merging a
lot of these things together also making
the single sign-on metal identification
so similar to Facebook and Google you
know you log in and sign up for a lot of
stuff with like a Google or Facebook
button right we're building that and
that identity links between all the
different metal products so between
metal pay between crumbs between metal
desk which is another the desktop
product for launching metal desks the
desktop product is going to have all
these pieces integrated together on the
web so everything you would need to do
all the products pulled together on in
one desktop client what that's so cool
thanks yeah we think that you know
mobile-first is really important because
I think that these days I mean
everything is done from the mobile
everything throwing everything
everything yeah so so it's got to be
mobile first that's where the future is
going I do believe that personal
computers like we're on laptops right
now but I think that those might go away
when the processor gets fast enough in
the phone we can put on a pair of
glasses and we're on the computer yeah
right yeah absolutely yeah that's that's
one of the biggest things thing you know
you're still running into dead spots and
and sometimes it just takes forever to
load a page so I would you know there's
some improvements but my phone froze
before this meeting and of course
nothing on your part of it just you know
just a bug in the phone today so oh you
know I remember what I was gonna ask you
you were talking about how you could you
can make stuff like make make payments
to your ranch or your car payment or
things like that how would like like for
me I alone through Ford
how would I make my car payment through
through metal so so right now we in the
current version we just launched a few
weeks ago so this is v1 okay but
subsequent versions I think it's me like
B 1.3 so we're on B 1.1 so in a couple
more version two more versions and in
the next versions we're going to start
to roll out some of this functionality
so the first thing you're gonna see is
you're gonna see the cash card can now
be sent to Apple pay GPA similar to
square cash and then we're going to also
integrate the physical card so we're
going to ship a physical card and we
also have another big surprise there on
the facility card as well I'm not gonna
say what it is for the you'll see you
guys you'll see very very cool I think
it's breakthrough I don't think anybody
I know know yet um but on the physical
card once you have the physical card
that links to your cash card you
basically just type in that number when
you go to make your payment make your
payment over traditional payment rails
Visa MasterCard type in your card number
make the payment and then pass that next
year but we're gonna have our business
merchants integrations so if your
provider integrates it on the back end
you'll be able to actually check out
with a metal pay app or you can scan it
or just are you
authorizing Geico to accept your medal
pay login yes I am oh and I would like
to make the payment and it slides up on
your phone you're making a pane into
this provider for $49.99 or you know car
payment for $600 right or whatever it is
and that's really cool because that's
gonna be a deeper integration whereby
the merchant can also kick you back some
rewards so we're not only issuing
cryptocurrency rewards with proof of
process payment but we can also issue
merchant rewards as well directly and I
do believe a lot of those rewards will
exist on the chain so to speak in the
future and that's and that's a big part
of what we're doing but the first piece
will just be the debit card you can just
use the debit card as the first way to
do well that's great cuz I really when I
when I got my paypal debit card that I
mean it saves you so much time you can
just take your credit your great hard
and it's gonna use it it's awesome
no I noticed on on the on the map here
that it's not it's not available in all
the states it what right what is what is
the issue or what's problem why wouldn't
it be readily available in in every
state right so it's it's like I said
earlier u.s. is one of the harder states
on regulations in the world our sorry
country sorry country um and in each
state in the US has different laws
around money transmission okay now you
have about 15 states that have already
have or are about to put into place
cryptocurrency legislation right so
typically with with a program that's you
know doing virtual currency exchange or
peer-to-peer money transmission um you
have to obtain what's known as the money
transmitter license that's a license
that that each state has their own
license Montana is the only state that
does not require a license but all other
49 states and territories require
licensing now some of those states those
15 15 of those states have special
cryptocurrency licenses either already
in place or coming into place you may be
already familiar with New York State has
the New York State bit license that was
passed a few years ago really yeah yeah
so this thing called a bit license it's
a very onerous very tough licensing
application in fact I'm not a big fan of
it I think I well I mean you know I
think that the thing is is maybe the
intention was
keep innovation from happening or maybe
it was the intention was to prevent any
new people in new financial entities
from entering the space smart but in my
opinion it was a bill that was passed in
bad faith um you know I do believe in
protecting consumer but I also believe
in empowering the entrepreneur of course
you grow technology we don't want to
live in the past you want to live in the
future so you know but I do I do think
that a lot of these these these
regulations are very good to protect the
public from from from act from comfirm
from sham companies or companies that
are that are were never here to do any
good and there are a lot of those in in
finance in cryptocurrency you know
companies like big connect I was very
outspoken about big connect for a very
long time yeah and sure enough there it
goes it explodes right home for us that
have been around for those of us that
have been around a cryptocurrency or a
long time we see them pop up every
couple years you see a pay coin big
connects and I do my best to be
outspoken about those good we need it
yeah yeah we have to stop that and so
that's what those are there for the
reason we're we're not live in those
other fifteen states is because we we
are basically in the process of
obtaining our money transmission
licensing and the cryptocurrency
licenses for those states okay so we
have a bank partner that has
underwritten us to allow us to exist on
their licensing on their platform with a
with a bank sponsor model when you open
an account on metal-on-metal you are
opening a bank account so you're opening
an fdic-insured bank account and when we
launched the fullerton metal desk and
the fully featured products that you'll
be able to expose your account number
and your routing number for direct
deposit you'll also be able to do all
the functionality international wire
check writing lending everything you can
do with your online bank you can do with
us so that is you know where the vision
of the company is going I believe I'm I
personally believe that banks are about
to go blockbuster your blockbuster video
yeah videos right yeah no there's
actually one location left there's one
but yeah I think I saw that yeah yeah
yeah why do we stable coins replace
paper cash which they I mean there's no
doubt there's no doubt in my mind the
Federal Reserve
will issue a digital currency that's a
digital dollar and it's just a matter of
time when that happens and physical cash
goes away and paper checks start to go
away because they're going to go away as
well those are going to go away there
already in fact you ask a younger person
hey write me a check what's a check yeah
I think I don't even know what that is
yeah I metal people I men know people I
don't know what sorry
right yeah and so I Zell people right
and so there's all these different these
now soon they're gonna be saying metal
but that is that's very interesting
because that that's the goal that that's
what we're trying to go forward we're
trying to change the way that people you
know view financial service so we're
gonna offer the full gamut I think that
you know why do we need a physical
branch we need a physical branch to go
into positive check to deposit money
whatever to interact with somebody but I
can do that now video on my phone yeah
so the teller in the future is going to
be on your phone you're not gonna ATM
the physical ATMs those are gonna be
like pay phones yeah pay phones they
don't exist anymore physical branches
now those won't exist anymore so we're
gonna see the the removal of the
physical branches I think there's a lot
of crypto anarchists and Bitcoin people
that say oh the banks are gonna die I've
got to banks are not gonna die no they
are going to survive yeah they may
change rapidly and some of the smaller
ones may disappear some of the bigger
ones made and merge or disappear because
they didn't adopt the technologies but I
apologize Dean but I have to I kind of
have to wrap shortly but I really really
have enjoyed talking with you and this
is man this is a lot of fun yeah yeah
it's a great great talk man um you know
we uh you know I'd like to be able to
maybe have have an update with you guys
soon and you know see to see where it's
going to definitely want to make sure
that my my my issue that I had this
morning getting metal going I can fix
that because I want to I want to start
using it I'm headed I'm headed I'm at my
home office I'm gonna head into the
office right now there you go make sure
your account gets pushed through oh
really okay yeah yeah we're fixing that
right now so I guess you know some of
our biggest challenges as a company
right now are getting the stickiness
down the ease of onboarding that the
friction all the friction removed so
when you went to sign up it asks you for
all this heavy kyc stuff kyc know your
customer right that's the where we have
to fulfill our obligations to the
regulatory agencies and bodies right
yeah um and also it also it's very
important for us to because we we also
face fraud as well right so anywhere
there's money there's gonna be somebody
trying to steal there's always there's
always gonna be somebody who's gonna try
to ruin the party right of course but
but what we're doing is we're gonna trim
down that friction so in the next
version you're gonna see a metal pay
when you go to sign up it's just gonna
send you a text six digits type it in
boom you're in um and then when you go
to make then when you go to pull the
money out or you go to make the payment
and push push push the money in or pull
the money out
that's what's gonna ask you and we're we
just got a new provider so we're fixing
that we do need to identify the deeper
clip this D kirkland but we've got some
new providers coming in that are gonna
help really match all that data okay so
one that one of the hard parts is a lot
of times and I have the same problem you
know your address and your license is
different from your current address
right yes dude who wants to go to the
DMV right oh my god and I've moved you
know four times in the last three years
so it's yeah yeah so we're fixing that
problem so you know that was one of the
conflicts in the system because it just
saw it it actually our sister our system
it's called OCR recognizes the address
on your license yeah and then it checks
that against the other address and it
just got confused
oh we are fixing Nats alright well I'll
go back in and fix that myself so I
don't yeah guys I had a come on over
that I'll send you I'll send you a
payment we can pop some metal together
man it's been great talking with you I'm
so glad that Sarah you're on the other
line there but thank you so much for
putting me in touch with marshal here
and Marcia it's how you read out on our
team she we all downloaded metal and
yesterday my friend Rita went to go get
her hair cut and she didn't have cash
her tip
her hairdresser she said she made every
single person in the hair salon download
metal and they all popped to each other
to tip each other that is so awesome
that's what we're really excited about
we really like you know that moment when
you pop doesn't it feel good it feels
like it's like Oh even if it's like a
dollar twenty-five cents it's like oh
man this is cool this is I love stories
like that definitely yeah I'd love to
come back if you guys will have me
though oh my god yeah let's let's
absolutely do that and if is there any
kind of way that we can get a special
link or do they do they even need one or
they just will just send them send them
everyone just go there and and and sign
up and and I just let them know that the
wonderdogs thing an easy way the easy
way to get on there is MTL slash pay if
you type that in the browser m dot DL
slash pay if it opens right up into the
the App Store and you can download it
does okay cool
those videos yeah please don't I'm gonna
stick those on the end of the end of the
show here if you're watching this stick
around watch some videos and and if not
we'll make I'll give you the link to it
so we can watch it and then awesome make
sure everyone pops okay
let's pop together yes yeah something
new is a new word all right all right
Marshall great great talk brother yeah
all right Sarah you guys soon